The documents on this page are a few of many posted at the Department of Defense Reading Room page on “Detainee-related” materials. The two documents here are from the Staff Judge Advocates office investigation into the deaths of three detainees on June 1, 2006 at Guantanamo. The first document is essentially a reprint of the Army’s AR 15-6 report on the 2006 deaths, as pertinent to the discussion of DIMS and detainee headcounts, as discussed in Chapter Two of Cover-up at Guantanamo. The second document is a compendium of various materials, including a number of interviews conducted by NCIS investigators.

For the full set of detainee-related documents on the 2006 deaths, see this link.

U.S. Army’s AR 15-6 Report on 2006 Detainee Deaths

Staff Judge Advocate Materials on Investigation into 2006 Suicides